Dome Block Diagram Updated

Change from VISCA to Pelco-D

As new wires were added to the dome to allow for our camera head, it became clear that routing the VISCA signals out would be difficult and fragile.   A change to the block diagram (below) eliminates that connection.

Previously, we were taking advantage of the Dome Base Logic to sort out the camera commands by taking our signals as the decoded VISCA camera controls.  We can avoid this cable, out of the dome to the Linux board by connecting the Linux board, directly to the RS-485 commands coming from the IONodes box.

The Linux board has no RS-485 connectors so a RS-485 to RS-232 (COTS) converter was added.

A bonus of this wiring change is that the Linux board may be able to command the dome motors through the RS-485 links.    Some experimentation is required to verify this.






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