Industrial Weld Monitoring

Viewing and capturing video of critical welding processes is now possible using the WeldWatch Video Monitoring System. The V2016-Z camera can be mounted to industrial welding machines to enable weld monitoring and adjustment.  With a remote 10X optical zoom, focus and iris control enable crystal clear viewing of the weld process with the arc on.

When you can watch the weld in real-time on a continuous basis, quality and productivity both benefit.  By viewing the live feed, an operator can monitor the torch and tip condition and position as well as view the arc and puddle in real time.   This allows the operator to dynamically adjust the welder alignment, feed speed, power, shield gas, etc., without the need to stop the weld.

The WeldWatch system supports the monitoring of all sorts welding technologies including TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), laser and hybrids.  For advanced process control implementations, WeldWatch can provide essential process feedback to the weld operator to guide semi-automatic weld machines.  Common examples include observing puddle extent and fusion as the weld progresses, and watching the seam gap and adjusting power and feed settings in real time.

The WeldWatch software supports recording and annotation of video images for quality control, process refinement and training applications.
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