The WeldWatch Video Monitoring System is a complete solution for your weld monitoring and viewing needs.  It now includes a family of cameras controlled either by proprietary WeldWatch software or that operate without a computer. Seven system models are available to meet specific customer requirements:

  • ultra-dynamic range that shows the arc and surroundings
  • infrared camera to view the arc through smoke
  • compact packaging for tight spaces
  • standalone analog versions (no computer needed)

The non-infrared cameras incorporate Ultra Dynamic Range technology that is specially designed for live views of arc welding.  The infrared camera includes hardware to provide similar images capturing both the arc and its surroundings. The WeldWatch software is tightly integrated with the camera providing close control to get the maximum performance from the hardware.   The software performs extensive image processing in real-time, as well as digital recording and playback of weld video and still images.

WeldWatch Video Monitoring system benefits:

  • See the arc, electrode, puddle and joint before, during and after the weld
  • Observe welds through smoke using the IR camera option
  • View and record industrial weld processes for real-time monitoring and quality control
  • Record and review welds in the lab or in welder training
  • Create marketing and instructional videos
  • Big-screen support to project welding to a group


camera setup

The system includes WeldWatch software and V2016-Z color, 10x zoom digital video camera. The PC and Video Goggles are optional.

The WeldWatch camera family is now expanded to seven models:

System Model Camera Head Description Color WeldWatch Compatible Max Resolution Lens Iris Weight Oz / g
WeldWatch-Z V2016-Z Zoom Camera Color Yes 1280 x 1024 Internal 10x Zoom Auto-Focus Auto 26 / 740
WeldWatch-C V2014-C C-mount Compact Camera Color Yes 1280 x 1024 C-Mount Manual 4 / 110
WeldWatch-Slim-CMount Slim Slim Camera with Lens C-Mount Color Yes 1280 x 1024 C-Mount Manual 2.3 / 65
Weldwatcg-Slim-M12 Slim Slim Camera with Lens M12 Mount Color Yes 1280 x 1024 M12 Manual 2.3 / 65
WeldWatch-IR V2017-IR IR “Heat” camera InfraRed Yes 640 x 480 Built-In 35mm Auto 30 / 850
WeldA-Slim Analog PAL Monochrome Slim Mono. no 640 x 480 C-Mount or M12 Manual 2.3 / 65
WeldA-Cube Analog PAL Monochrome Cube Mono. no 640 x 480 M12 Manual 1.3 / 37

The WeldWatch system is easy to set up and runs on a standard Windows PC. The PC can be supplied by the user or purchased as a package from our distributor Intertest.

WeldWatch software features:

  • View arc welding live from Ultra-Dynamic-Range or infrared cameras
  • Software control of lens zoom, iris, and focus – including autofocus
  • Automatic or manual control of image contrast, brightness, and hue
  • Support for image annotation, time stamps, and enhanced region display
  • Digital from end-to-end, no conversion losses
  • Record videos to disk – full resolution or standard compressed video formats
  • Playback with slow-motion or single-step through recorded frames
  • Tools to organize videos from multiple welding sessions
  • Export videos to industry standard formats


If you are and Educator/Instructor at a weld school – see our Education & Training page. We offer a complete package and special pricing for qualified educational institutions.

Download the WeldWatch Data Sheet here.

The camera is available with optional air-cooled or water-cooled cases.  See the link below for more information and configurations.

To buy the WeldWatch Video Monitoring System – Contact InterTest – our US Distributor


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