* Weld Training Software

Visible Welding’s Weld Training Software records multiple simultaneous views of welding and allows immediate playback for review.

These links provide additional information on specific features:


To start the system, simply power up the PCs and the chassis under the welding table. After the computers and the box boot, the software is started and takes you to the Live camera view.

Three videos are displayed and recorded:

  1. close-up camera that provides a clear view of the arc and welding work
  2. wide angle camera that shows the trainee position, hands and setup
  3. a graph of welding voltage and current

The voltage and current screen displays the current values while the plot shows the previous 10 seconds of data on a relative scale.

Two audio sources are also recorded simultaneously:

  1. audio of the welding arc
  2. audio from an optional microphone for voice annotation during welding

The software has two display modes:

  • Live view – shows real-time video and voltage/current.
  • Playback view – allows review of recorded video/audio sets

Screen snapshots of both viewing modes are shown on the next page. On the left are controls specific to each mode. On the right, along the bottom, the three video streams are displayed in small video windows. Any one of these streams can be selected by tapping on it, and that stream is displayed full-size on the right.

You can switch between modes (or exit the software) by tapping the three buttons in the upper left of both screens:

  • Go to Live or Go to Playback – switches to the selected display mode
  • Toggle Full Screen – fills the entire display
  • Exit – exits the software


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