Camera Adjustments – (Live)

The close-up camera adjustment controls in Live mode are highlighted below:

Live Screen with Weld Camera Adjustments Circled

Live Screen with Weld Camera Adjustments Circled

These controls apply only to the close-up camera that provides a clear view of your work when the arc is on.

Auto-focus button – when tapped this button directs the camera to focus on the current scene. It should only be used for scenes without an arc. Autofocus can take several seconds to complete. The focus is more accurate when the scene is well lit with ambient light.

Focus Near and Far buttons – tapping these buttons moves the camera focus closer in or further out by a small amount. Use these to provide fine adjustments to get the best scene prior to welding start.

Zoom In and Out buttons – these buttons adjust the optical zoom. Zooming in makes the scene detail larger, while zooming out makes it smaller but provides a wider view. Choose a zoom that covers the entire area you expect to weld over, to avoid need for adjustment while welding. Note that changing the zoom will likely require focus adjustment to keep the image sharp.

Brightness + and – buttons – these buttons adjust the overall scene brightness. + makes images brighter, while – makes the image darker.

Contrast + and – buttons – these buttons increase the contrast within a scene. Higher contrast brings out more detail, but too much contrast results in all black and all white parts of the scene.

There are no software adjustments to the wide-angle video camera image.


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