WeldWatch.EDU Training

Visible Welding has developed weld cameras, software, goggles and systems that use video to make the weld training experience more relevant and exciting for students.

It is recognized that there a shortage of skilled welders in the workforce and that situation is getting worse as older welders retire.  A number of initiatives have been undertaken to improve the quality of education and training services.  Some of these initiatives include updating instructional curriculum, making investments in state-of-the-art welding labs and advanced technologies.  Besides the improved training, these efforts have used technology to inject a “cool” factor into a welding career.

What are the instructional benefits of a weld video camera system?

  • LIVE VIEWING – Watch high resolution live welding without a shield. This can be used for group viewing of demonstrations by an instructor and to let visitors at open houses get a view into the booth without looking over someone’s shoulder or wearing a shield.
  • RECORD – save high resolution raw video of arc-on welding. Playback for immediate review or save/export for use later.
  • REVIEW – use the WeldWatch software to playback your most recent weld, software includes annotation capabilities for instructor to make comments when reviewing later.
  • SHARE VIDEOS – create how-to videos to supplement your classroom instruction, post on your web site, use for remote/distance learning or have students build a video resume.

Visible Welding has created a specialized hardware and software package that is the best solution for welding instruction: WeldWatch.EDU.


The WeldWatch.EDU system gathers all of the Visible Welding pieces needed for weld instruction classes into one convenient package:

  1. WeldWatch-Z ultra-high dynamic range camera on swing-arm
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 touchscreen computer with locking case on swing arm
  3. VAmpWatch weld voltage and current sampling box
  4. WeldWatch software with additional education features:
    • On-screen Volt-Amps graphs
    • Auto record videos for playback to review student progress
    • separate handling of instructor demo videos and student video
  5. Cables included.

Note: Weld Table NOT included.   Large-Screen TV not included.


  1. Weld Table NOT included.
  2. Large-Screen TV NOT included

A weld instructional station using WeldWatch.EDU components is shown below, along with a 48 inch monitor to allow a group of students to follow along: (Large-Screen TV NOT included)

Photo courtesy of Manchester Community College

Of course this package also includes all the benefits of a Visible Welding WeldWatch camera. Specific features of interest for welding instruction and demos are:

  • color video with up to 30 fps imagery
  • motorized 10x optical zoom for close-up views
  • auto iris and auto focus
  • automatic control of image brightness and contrast
  • arc-triggered auto-recording of video
  • export video to standard files for general re-use

Weld Voltage and Current Monitor


VAmpWatch is a small hardware component that measures the weld voltage and current at a rate of 1 kHz. Its operation is integrated with the WeldWatch software to provide a real-time display of the voltage and current during welding. Monitoring weld current is valuable for ensuring that students get the proper weld stroke during training.

A plot of voltage and current can be added to real-time arc display from WeldWatch camera. Below is an example positioned in the upper right (circled in green):


The voltage-current plots are available in two sizes and can be positioned in any corner of the WeldWatch display. The data is stored in the weld video file and can be played back with the video.

The WeldWatch software display can be shown on large screen monitors for easy viewing by a class of students.

Click here for more details on the package options and the 3 year development effort behind them.

Download our WeldWatch Education Applications Note.

View a map showing most of the current educational institutions already using WeldWatch cameras in welding courses.

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