What is Ultra Dynamic Range or UDR?

Ultra Dynamic Range or UDR, is the name for Visible Welding’s proprietary technology and know-how that are the key to making effective welding imagery.  A welding arc can be up to a million times brighter than the metal being welded.  Most cameras are overwhelmed by this bright light and output saturated images.  If the camera can be adjusted so the arc is within the display scale, the actual welding work will be saturated at black.  Similarly, reducing the arc brightness with welding glass or filters makes the rest of the scene difficult or impossible to see.

The V2014-Z  zoom welding camera incorporates UDR technology by combining the latest high dynamic range logarithmic image sensor with powerful proprietary digital signal processing.  It has a dynamic range of approximately 10,000,000:1, which means that the brightest unsaturated feature in an image can be ten million times brighter than the darkest part of the same image.  This is shown below, in two images of the same scene.


V2014-Z Camera with UDR ——————————- Conventional Video Camera


The picture on the right is a conventional camera, where the extreme arc brightness saturates the image and eliminates detail around the welding arc.  If this camera is adjusted to capture the arc unsaturated, then the surrounding detail of the work is lost in the camera image’s background noise.  It simply does not have sufficient dynamic range to capture the arc and the metal simultaneously.  The picture on the left shows the same scene viewed with a Visible Welding camera.  Here the V2014 camera captures both the arc and the surrounding metal simultaneously. You can see the arc, electrode, puddle, joint, and surrounding metal before and during the weld. The hardware and software components complement each other, resulting in image quality and dynamic range greater than either one alone. This is accomplished without special filters or optical tricks, allowing the arc to be anywhere in the image – not just in the center.

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