Video Goggles

Visible Welding’s video goggles enable hands-free viewing of the weld with the arc on or off. The bright organic LED displays and HD (720P) video gives the welder clear, high magnification views of the welding process.

Blind Welding
The combination of Visible Welding’s UDR welding camera and the video goggles enables new applications such as Weld by Camera where a mirror is not enough.  Put the video goggles on under your welding mask, place the visible welding camera behind the obstruction and you can be blind welding in no-time.

Machine Set-up
The video goggles can be help when setting up and debugging weld equipment. . Put on the video goggles, use the optional remote control pendant and you can see the video as you adjust.


HD Video Goggles

HD Video Goggles



  • Video  Goggles for an immersive view of the weld
  • Bright organic LED (OLED) displays
  • HD (720P)  resolution
  • Drive from any PC with HDMI output.
  • Zeiss manufacturing ensures quality


  • Mirror Welding – perfect for repairs with limited access
  • Close-up view or small or otherwise difficult to see welds
  • Machine setup  in awkward situations
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