V2016-Z 10x Zoom Welding Camera

The V2016-Z welding camera is specially designed for live viewing of arc welding. With a dynamic-range of over 10,000,000:1, the camera can capture both arc and metal simultaneously. See the arc, electrode, puddle, joint and surrounding metal before, during and after the welding process. Ultra-Dynamic-Range (UDR) is the key to effective welding images.  A welding arc can be a million times brighter than the metal, far exceeding even high-end industrial  and specialty cameras. The V2016-Z reaches UDR levels by combining the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) log sensor with powerful digital signal processing.   Each complements the other resulting in a quality and dynamic-range greater than either alone. All this is accomplished without special filters or optical tricks, allowing the arc to be anywhere – not just in the center.

Visible Welding V2014-Z 10x zoom built-in to this Welding Camera

Visible Welding V2016-Z 10x zoom built-in to this Welding Camera

Click for V2016-Z  Specifications
  • State of the art UHD (ultra high dynamic range) of 10,000,000:1 for clear images of arc, puddle and metal
  • 10x zoom lens allows easy set up and close-ups
  • Full color
  • WeldWatch Software included
    • Designed for arc welding.
    • Arc-on and arc-off image processing
    • Automatic camera control
    • Live video and recording
  • Factory-ready, rugged design
    • Replaceable spatter shields
    • Optional air-cooled case for ambient temperatures up to 212º (F)
    • Optional remote-control pendant


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