About Visible Welding



Visible Welding was founded in 2006 to develop video systems for welding. We are 100% focused on robust, factory-ready solutions that incorporate the latest imaging hardware, image processing algorithms, and software optimized for the unique challenges of capturing weld video.

Visible Welding’s products are constantly being improved.  As digital camera technology advances, we pick the best new techniques and adapt them to the extreme requirements of arc welding light.  Our original cameras used multiple exposures, combined into video in real-time.  Our current cameras, with 4 generations of improvement, use a unique color sensor with highly optimized control electronics and advanced image processing.

The many facets of video hardware and software technology requires a broad skill-set in our development team, spanning electronics, camera design, image processing algorithms, and industrial engineering.  Our ongoing commitment to research and collaboration with the Navy’s National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) leads to an ongoing stream of new techniques and technologies.

We proudly point to the best image quality in the industry, and work every day to make it even better.

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