Our Team

Visible Welding was founded by Steven Edelson, with the sole mission of creating the ultimate video camera for the challenge of arc welding.  For over 25 years, Mr. Edelson has been at the forefront of new video and computer technologies. He is a recognized expert in technology and commercialization, having guided multinationals and start-ups alike.

Development of Visible Welding’s video monitoring products has required a multidisciplinary approach drawing expertise from optics, camera electronics, image/video processing and software.  We continually improve our products and are proudly shipping our 5th generation WeldWatch video monitoring system.  Our extended team of experts has collaborated to invent elegant solutions to difficult problems.  We won’t bore you with a list of credits, but here are the stars.

Industrial Design Bill Habermann CEO, Intertest, Inc.
GUI and Human Interfaces Dr. Kate Keay Founder, Juniper Engineering
Image Processing and Compression Dr. Klaus Diepold Chair, Munich University of Tech. (TUM)
Camera Sensor Electronics Dr. Michael Aronson CEO, Rumble Dev.