V2019-EDU   Demo and Training Station


The Visible Welding Ultra-Dynamic-Range camera is available in 3 configurations, all of which include our WeldWatch software.

  1. WeldWatch-HD:     Zoom Color USB-3 Camera
  2. WeldWatch-EDU:   Full Demo and Training Station
  3. V2000-U:               Compact C-Mount Color USB-3 Camera

WeldWatch-HD       Zoom Color Camera

The WeldWatch-HD zoom camera is our flagship product.  The camera has an enhanced log-senor system to provide Ultra Dynamic Range specially designed for live viewing of arc welding.  The included WeldWatch software is tightly integrated with the camera providing constant control to get the maximum performance from the hardware.   WeldWatch software also performs extensive image processing, in real-time, to enhance the weld scene.   Built-in digital recording can be automatically triggered by the arc for hands-free operation.


V2019-Z       10x Zoom Color Camera

Camera Features:
  • Full color
  • Ultra-Dynamic-Range (140 dB, 10,000,000:1)
  • No filters – no need to keep arc centered
  • Built-in 3x electric zoom lens for fast setup
  • Remote control of zoom, focus and iris
  • All digital; video over USB-3 with no quality loss
  • Resolution from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024 (1280 x 800@30 frames-per-sec)
  • Built-in LED to illuminate work for setup when arc is off
  • Built-in air cooling ports, allows industrial use up to 212º F (100º C)

WeldWatch-HD       With Air-Cooling Hoses Attached

Download WeldWatch-HD Camera Datasheet

WeldWatch-EDU                   Full Demo and Training Station

The EDU training package is a sophisticated demo station built around our award-winning V2019-Z zoom camera and WeldWatch software – just add a table.   The camera and included touch-screen PC are mounted on two flexible arms, which can be quickly clamped to any weld table.   The camera arm allows the camera to be placed anywhere above the table for the best weld view – without the clutter of a tripod and cables.    The PC arm allows easy access for setup or video playback, while allowing the PC to safely swing out of the way for welding.

 Everything you need for demo station – just add the table.

Education Applications:
  • Fastest path to a working weld video demo station.

  • Create Demo and Instructional videos

  • Record student welds for 1-on-1 coaching

Download EDU Applications Note  (PDF)


EDU System Features:

Everything you need for demo station in one place – just add the table.

  • WeldWatch-HD zoom camera with WeldWatch software

  • Flexible camera arm allowing easy placement of the camera anywhere over the weld table without tripods or cable clutter
  • A touch-screen PC (Microsoft Surface Pro )
    • Preloaded with software, ready to run
    • Locking steel case to protect PC
    • Gorilla Glass protector installed over screen
    • Keyboard included
    • HDMI adapter included allowing viewing on big-screen TVs
  • A flexible arm for the PC, allows you to swing it away from spatter when welding. 
  • Powered USB-3 hub
  • Dust covers for camera and computer

Download EDU Package DataSheet  (PDF)

Download EDU Applications Note  (PDF)

WeldWatch Software
  • Included free with Visible Welding cameras
  • Simple easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • Extreme image enhancement, tuned to the special challenges of weld light
  • Auto-Exposure for arc-off and arc-on scenes
  • Auto Focus
  • Automatic hands-free weld recording, triggered by the arc
  • Record video to disk in full resolution, or compressed MPEG or AVI formats
  • Playback with slow-motion or even single-step through recorded frames

WeldWatch Software Screen-Shot

More about WeldWatch Software …

Download WeldWatch Instruction Manual

 V2000-U       Compact Color Camera for industrial C-Mount lenses

In industrial settings, sometimes a small camera is needed to squeeze into an existing production line.  To facilitate this, we’ve packaged the camera core of our zoom camera into a small case, ready for any standard C-mount industrial lens you choose.  

This camera is compatible with WeldWatch software and enjoys all the features of the WeldWatch system (except the functions of the automatic lens in our zoom camera)

Download V2000-U Camera Datasheet



  • View and record industrial weld processes for real-time monitoring and quality control
  • See the arc, electrode, puddle and joint before, during and after the weld.

Download WeldWatch-HD Camera Datasheet

Download V2019_C Camera Datasheet

Download WeldWatch Software  Instruction Manual

Download EDU Package DataSheet  (PDF)

Download EDU Applications Note  (PDF)


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