Our Team

Visible Welding was founded by Steven Edelson, to create the ultimate video camera for the ultimate lighting challenge, arc welding.  Mr. Edelson is a recognized expert in technology trends and commercialization and before founding Visible Welding, he consulted to multinationals and start-ups alike.

Development of Visible Welding’s video monitoring products has required a multidisciplinary approach drawing expertise from optics, camera electronics, image/video processing and software.   Our extended family of experts collaborates to create elegant solutions to difficult problems.  We continually improve our products and we are proudly shipping our 6th generation WeldWatch video monitoring system.

Camera Sensor Electronics Dr. Michael Aronson CEO, Rumble Development
Image Processing and Compression Dr. Klaus Diepold Chair, Munich University of Tech. (TUM)
Industrial Design and Cooling Bill Habermann CEO, Intertest, Inc.
Miniaturization Servaes Joodens President M8-Designs
Color Perception Dr. Leon Levinson Chief Scientist, Technicolor
GUI and Human Interfaces Dr. Kate Keay Founder, Juniper Engineering
We thank all of our collaborators with special recognition to:  Dr. Dorin Aiteanu and his Students at The Institute of Automation of the University of Bremen  Their work on the Terebes project served as an inspiration.    Thank you Dr. Aiteanu.



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